Employee Engagement Surveys

To start any successful project, you first need to understand where you are starting from before you can determine the goals of where you want to go. This same philosophy also applies to improving the engagement of your employees. You must first determine how engaged or disengaged they currently are, which can be done by measuring whether or not your… Read more →

Establish a YMAD Program

You Made a Difference (YMAD) Programs are meant to encourage and reward employees that are doing and accomplishing things that go above and beyond in order to further the values and mission of the organization. They may be called by different names―peer-to-peer recognition, spot recognition, points programs, etc.―but those names describe the method of the recognition instead of the goal… Read more →

Develop a Safety Program

Any incentive program should be built to complement the company’s existing safety plan, goals, and objectives. Ideally, safety-based programs should be designed to emphasize positive reinforcement and leading indicators such as safe behaviors, and not lagging indicators such as recordable incidents or lost-time injury reduction goals. Understanding the importance of recognition versus reward is key for managers to successfully implement… Read more →

Initiate a New Wellness Program

Wellness programs are a great way to engage employees while also promoting employee health and strategic organizational objectives. The personal nature of these programs allows your organization to communicate the importance of your employees and their health to both them and their families.  And more and more top employees are factoring quality of life benefits into their decisions on where… Read more →

Perfect Your Service Award Program

Easily the most common and one of the oldest programs used to promote employee engagement is the service award program. These programs are traditionally designed to thank employees for their years of loyal service, typically recognized in five year intervals. We have found that a traditional service award program will recognize only 9-12% of an organization’s workforce once every five… Read more →