Here’s a story about Joe and Amanda with two different outcomes. Both were top talents hired to start new positions with two big companies in the city.

During the hiring phase their level of engagement was very high. The companies kept them well informed of their decisions, sent welcome kits to kick off their first days and prepped them well for success. Both were excited about the new opportunities and ready to tackle the challenges ahead of them. However, that’s where the similarities end.

After Joe’s new hire phase ended, so did his engagement. The firm didn’t recognize anyone’s loyalty to the company until their fifth anniversary, so he became just another number. In the beginning, he consistently hit goals thrown at him, but his efforts were never rewarded nor acknowledged. Eventually, he stopped trying because it didn’t seem to matter if he succeeded or failed. His position required consistent training to stay on top of trends and upgrades, but his firm didn’t feel it was important to keep him up to date. Within a short time, Joe realized his talents would be better utilized somewhere else, and he moved on. The firm was back to square one and had to start the search all over again.

Amanda, on the other hand, was recognized within her first 3 months of employment, as well as frequently within the first 5 years. Her consistent achievements were recognized and rewarded and she thrived in her new environment. She continually pushed through barriers and was acknowledged for her hard work and dedication. She was even routinely able to attend training seminars to keep her skills fresh and current. Amanda rose through the ranks, and she decided that this company was a great fit for her future.

While Amanda and Joe had the same skill set and initial drive, their companies’ cultures of engagement created two different employees. With the right engagement plan, Joe might have been able to prosper and his company would not be dealing with a high turnover rate. And Amanda’s engagement levels continue to grow.

Joe v. Amanda